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We're incredibly happy and grateful for your participation and we appreciate all your efforts in keeping the integrity with the EFE Brand

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Earn a 5% commission on every rental order referral generate from your website, social media posts and/or any other digital content used through our Affiliate program.

How It Works

You will get a unique link upon joining our program, any links to need to include your unique code for us to know you sent them. Once they use your code if they rent or purchase any item from us, you get a commission! Sign up or see more information about our Affiliate program HERE!


Web Attribution & Video Credits

Any time we are referenced in your content, you can link to our website easily using the HTML code below. This is a great way to credit us in your content whether it's a blog, a video, or any other digital content..

Web Attribution

Below is the HTML code that can be used in your citation in your posts.

<div style="width:80%;border-style: dashed; border-color:black; border:thin; padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px; background-color:#CCC">
<div style="text-align:left; font-size:14px ; padding:10;">Equipment provided by <a href="" title=" Rentals for all your film needs" target="_blank"></a> - The film equipment rental house and store for videographers and photographers</div></div>

What it looks like

Video Credits

Please credit us in any videos you have made relating to, produced by, or sponsored by Everything Film Equipment. In addition to adding us to the credits, we kindly request that you credit us using our EFE graphics found below. These can be used alongside or after your own production company's vanity card/plate/logo.

*Note: this logo is a PNG and contains transparency which has no background layer

This logo image is for use on any dark background

Transparent - 480x480 - PNG

Transparent - 720x720 - PNG

Transparent - 1080x1080 - PNG

*Note: this logo is has a black background

This logo image can be used on any background

Regular - 480x480 - PNG

Regular - 720x720 - PNG

Regular - 1080x1080 - PNG


Social Media

Interact with us on social media sites by cross-promotion using tagging, resharing, or links.

Social media networks are an easy and quick way to refer people to us, also following our social media and newsletter is the fastest way to hear about any news, discounts, and gear updates about EFE. When you are connected to our social media and tag us it is also easy for us to repost your content and promote our partners.

Facebook: @EverythingFilmequipment: LINK

Instagram: @EverythingFilmequipment: LINK

Youtube: @EverythingFilmequipment: LINK

Share your content on social media sites and tag us in your updates. Tagging allows us to easily see and share your review/video/blog link with our growing community.

Tagging us will allow us to see that you have posted new content and we can then easily reshare or repost the update for our audience to see. Otherwise, if you are not using these platforms you can send us a link to your content directly at:

Logo Type & Usage

We kindly ask that you do not modify these logos besides resizing or use any other logos or images to represent us. If you need any alternative sizing, please contact us directly.

Logo - 1000x1000

ADD transparent logo HERE***

Logo - 1000x1000

ADD Regular logo HERE***

Share your Testimonials

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you like about EFE. We are always looking for new testimonials to highlight and love to hear any of your stories of all your experiences with us. You write about it and we will share it to our gorwing audience.

Please send your testimonials to

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Web Attribution & Video Credits
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Logo Type & Usage
Share Your Testimonial
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